Activities (January 2008 - todate)


I.                   Participations in International Conferences:


The Society participated in many international conferences on issues of international migration and development, and issues of expatriates and integration between migrants and host countries. The following is a statement of the conferences and events in which the Society and its members participated at the international level:


  1. A Forum on Migration and Development: the Joint Initiative on Migration and Development, December 1-4, 2008, Brussels, Belgium.


  1. Venice Forum 2008: Migration From a National, European, and International Point of View, June 12-13, 2008, Venice, Italy.


  1. A workshop on: New Emigrational Trends and Challenges of Migration in the Mediterranean: A Dialogue between European Experts and North African Experts, the Academy of Graduate Studies (Tripoli, Libya), in cooperation with the Centre for International Policy Studies (Rome, Italy), June 18-19, 2008, Tripoli, Libya.



II.                Participation in Local Conferences:


The Society and its members participated in many local conferences, workshops, and other events on migration issues and development. The following are some of the events in which the Society participated:


  1. A Workshop on International Migration and the Rights of Migrants, the National Council for Human Rights (Egypt) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM), August 26-28, 2008, Cairo, Egypt. At an invitation of the National Council for Human Rights, Mr. Saeed Qassim, Secretary-General of the Society participated in the activities of a workshop organized by the Council in cooperation with the International Organization for Migration. Sessions of the workshop handled issues related to international migration and the rights of migrants.


  1. A workshop on Arab and African Migrations Abroad, Department of Arab Expatriates, the League of Arab States, October 17-18, 2008, Cairo, Egypt: at an invitation of the Arab Expatriates' Department of the League of Arab States, Dr. Ayman Zohry, Chairman of the EGYMIG participated at a workshop on Arab and African Migrations Abroad.
  1. The Annual Conference on Population and Development, Cairo Demographic Centre, December 17-19, 2008: EGYMIG Chairman and its Secretary-General participated in the conference by a  research paper on "Demography of the Egyptian Youth: Current Situation and Future Challenges".


III.             Publications and Scientific Production:


Within the context of EGYMIG's role in promoting scientific and research activities in the areas of its work, the Society developed and published the following publications:


  1. Directory of Egyptian Bodies and Institutions Abroad, Part I: United Kingdom and the United States of America, June 2008. The Directory aims at linking the Egyptians abroad with the homeland in order to strengthen development links. The Directory contains detailed information on a group of bodies, institutions and private associations of the Egyptians abroad, including embassies, consulates, foundations, and other clubs and associations in which Egyptians abroad participate, in addition to a brief presentation of the areas of interest, disciplines, and a means of communication with these bodies and institutions.


  1. A Message to Egyptian Youth: How to Immigrate Legally, November 2008. The aim of this book is to raise awareness of the Egyptian youth of the risks and dangers of illegal immigration, and to guide them to the procedures of legal  migration, and the opportunities available for youth to work inside Egypt before thinking to immigrate abroad.


IV.             The Society's Digital Library and Website:

On the basis of the EGYMIG's role in raising the awareness of migration issues and their relationship with development, the Society implemented the following activities:

  1. Developed and disseminated a pamphlet to publicize role and activities of the Society.
  2. Establishment a website (in Arabic and English) of the Society at the world-wide web; located at .
  3. Preparation of an electronic digital library on the site of the Society includes the most recent issuances on migration; to serve researchers from the Society's members and non-members as well. This database can be free-of-charge accessed without by all interested researchers.


V.                Awareness Raising Activities:

 EGYMIG has implemented many activities for raising the awareness of migration-related issues, amongst these activities:

  1. Distribution of a number of 400 leaflets entitled "Do not take the risk and travel abroad ... travel within your country"; for raising the awareness of the Egyptian youth of the dangers and risks involved in illegal immigration, and to encourage them to be internal migrants to the new settlements and industrial communities inside.
  2. Dissemination of a number of 360 free copies of a novel by EGYMIG's Chairman entitled "The Roman Sea", the first Egyptian novel on irregular migration. The novel aims mainly at raising the awareness of the dangers of irregular migration, and has been distributed upon youth in the youth gatherings.
  1. A symposium on "Youth and Illegal Migration" at the Press Syndicate: In cooperation with the Cultural Committee of the Press Syndicate and the Arab Foundation for Migration Studies, EGYMIG hold a seminar on "Youth and Illegal Migration" at the Press Syndicate on May 16, 2009. The symposium is attended by Dr. Ayman Zohry, EGYMIG Chairman, Mr. Saeed Qassem, Secretary-General of the Society, and Mr. Usama El-Ghazouly, President of the Board of Trustees of the Arab Foundation for Migration Studies. The event has been also attended by Mr. Salah Abdel-Tawab, Dr. Khaled El-Sayed Hassan and Dr. Ibrahim El-Segaey, members of EGYMIG, in addition to a large gathering of journalists and citizens interested in the topic of youth and illegal immigration.
  2. A workshop on "The Brain Drain of Arabs: Causes and Consequences, with a Proposal to Treat the Crisis" : The Arab Society For Economic Research (ASFER) devoted its monthly workshop of June 2009 to discuss the brain drain of Arabs, and hosted EGYMIG Chairman; Dr. Ayman Zohry as the principal speaker, to present for the issue moderate the workshop. The workshop took place on Monday, June 22, 2009 at the ASFER conference venue, and was attended by a large gathering of the interested researchers and academics.
  3. A seminar on "Youth and Irregular Migration" at the Cairo Demographic Center (CDC): In collaboration of the CDC, EGYMIG organized a seminar on "Youth and Irregular Migration" at the lecturing venue of CDC on Thursday, June 25, 2009. The event is attended by CDC teaching staff and many of the center's students and employees. 


VI.             Other Activities:

  • Dr. Ayman Zohry, Chairman of the EGYMIG, has been selected as a member of the Advisory Committee the "Joint Initiative for Migration and Development", based in Brussels, Belgium. The Initiative is being implemented by the United Nations in cooperation with the European Commission, for which one million Euros has been allocated for the implementation of migration and development activities in Egypt. It is noteworthy that, EGYMIG Chairman; Dr. Zohry, is the only Arab expert who was chosen within this Committee; composed only of six members at the global level.
  • EGYMIG Chairman and some of its members have been hosted in several radio and television programmes which dealt with issues relating to irregular migration. This has been done in the Egyptian radio stations, and radio stations of some Arab states in the Arab Maghreb and the Gulf area, as well as many television channels in Egypt, the televisions of Abu Dhabi (UAE), Al-Hurrah TV, and the BBC Arabic channel.
  • Many articles on irregular migration and migration policies in general have been published in many newspapers and magazines; Egyptian and Arab, and in some foreign newspapers as well . These articles were written by EGYMIG Chairman and other members of the board of the Society.


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